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Tides UK & European (PC and Windows tablet) Version 9.3 Easy and quick program producing Instant graphs, showing exactly what rise of tide is predicted at any chosen date, time and port. Next day? Just click! Monthly tables can be viewed or printed. No updates required Predicts until 2060. £24.95
Tidal Predictions
Wrecks, Tides & Streams (PC and Windows tablet) New Version 11 Invaluable program for all enthusiastic Divers, Dive schools and Instructors. The software provides a dynamic Tidal Stream atlas instantly updating and producing Slack, Flood and Intermediate reports for optimising dive times. Thousands of UK Wrecks and Obstructions are available with details of depths, history, cargo and many other details ideal for planning dives. Charts with tidal data derived from UKHO sources. £59.00
Passage Planning Software (PC and Windows tablet) Version 11.1.5 Plotting and Passage Planning tidal navigation program offers  Course Calculations from inbuilt Tidal Data and Wind Routines producing  Course to Steer,  Course Over Ground and  Optimised Departure.  GPS Track Plot,  AIS, Waypoint Manager. Incorporates a Tide Height Program. Grib Files, Google Earth, Animate Course Over Ground. GPX Waypoint and Route compatibility with other systems. Navigation and Pilotage charts derived from UKHO sources, or Imray Digital charts. Planner Plus v11.00 £95.00 (including a chart portfolio)
A planning tool that contains all the features of Planner Plus but uses outline charts for clear overview. Ideal for forward planning. You can use it on board for displaying boat position & AIS targets. £69.00
Outline Planner Wrecks, Tides & Streams Planner Plus - Raster charts
Tides & Tidal Stream (PC and Windows tablet) This comprehensive Tidal Stream and Tides Height software offers animated Tidal Streams using Outline Chart cartography. Software incorporating Neptune's Tidal Heights program. £35.00
Tidal Heights & Tidal Streams S W E N
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New Neptune Planner app Install Neptune Planner on your Android phone or tablet. Calculate the Course to Steer and the Optimised Departure Time from its built in tidal database (no need to go on-line). See the Neptune Planner app Neptune calculations are not time limited and you can passage plan and predict tides for now or for many years ahead. With download charts you can easily obtain the latest chart immediately prior to sailing. Using Route animations you can virtually sail your course to see cross track errors and the effect of wind over tides on your intended route. After a calculation you can easily share your plans for SOLAS compliance. From £18.49
An easy to use tidal height prediction software 347 UK & 312 European ports. This software is full of features, displays the daily curve, instantaneous rate of rise or fall of the tide, sun rise and set times, lunar phases, springs to neaps indicator, monthly tide times and heights. £6.49
On your Android phone or tablet the software displays the details of thousands of wrecks and obstructions around our coastline. Predicts tidal height and tidal stream details around our UK coastline for many years into the future. from £18.49
Neptune Navigation Software Unit 11 Diddenham Court  Lambswood Hill Grazeley RG7 1JQ tel: +44 (0)118 988 5309
Tidal Passage Planning Calculations and Tidal Heights
Important Notice
NEPTUNE Navigation Software     +44(0)118 988 5309
Neptune Navigation Software Unit 11 Diddenham Court  Lambswood Hill Grazeley RG7 1JQ tel: +44 (0)118 988 5309
We have been offering Neptune Navigation Software to the leisure user since the early 90's but the time has come for us to retire. We will continue to offer unlocking services to existing customers for the foreseeable future but will no longer sell our PC Software or Apps. Neptune Navigation Ltd will stop selling products by July 2024 but we will keep the phone lines and email open for the foreseeable future to unlock and support all our loyal customers from over the years, we are not abandoning you. For users of our mobile apps the chart download service will be kept open for the next 12 months so your subscriptions will remain valid. PC users, please ensure your charts download are backed up so you can re-install them as necessary. If you wish to discuss acquiring Neptune Navigation Software then please contact us. Neptune owns, without hinderance, all of the source code for our products.