Rasberry Pi Zero IO Board
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While learning about cloud end points from Omer's blog about a real-time-sensor-dashboard-using- google app engine and the raspberry pi zero I decided I needed support hardware that was solid and easily deployed and stored and then brought out later without anything falling out. There is nothing more annoying than unreliable hardware when you are trying to learn or develop software so this plugs onto a Pi Zero or a Pi model B and is a solid assembly. As there are others in the same boat I have made the board available and offering it through my wife's website (that’s why you will be billed from Neptune Navigation if you purchase). This board uses conventional components as it is really intended for home assembly. If you need a kit of components for the board then just order it, the price above are the one off prices from Farnell or RS plus a 10% handling charge and you may well be able to obtain components cheaper elsewhere eg via e-Bay. If you want an assembled board then great, and my son can earn a few pounds soldering it up and testing it on your behalf, there will be a delay of up to a week from ordering before despatching if you choose this route. In use you just screw in your LDR and photocell and using the terminal rail connections, If you want to add extra channels then channels 3, 4 & 5 have been brought out to the terminal rail. The MCP 3008 is socketed so if you blow it up then its easy to replace. Just to keep everything consistent I have kept all the circuit references the same as in Omer's blog. You will have to supply your own photo cell and LDR and connect them via the screw terminals on the board. If you want any serious modifications made to the board for your in-house use then just let me (Les) know through sales@neptunenavigation.co.uk Don’t forget to add P&P; the cost below is for first class in a 90 x 145mm Jiffy bag.
Buy On Line: Bare Board                £9.00 Add to cart Assembled Board      £27.00 Add to cart Kit of Components £10.00 Add to cart P & P £3.50 Add to cart