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Download Planner PLUS version 8.0.0
NOTE: Neptune uses an exe setup file, and Windows (depending on the version you are running) might warn you that certain file types are dangerous to your computer and may advise against downloading and installing. Be assured that Neptune's products are fully compliant with window security and present no risk.

This is a 14 day evaluation using a demo chart with restricted tidal data. On purchase when unlocked the full range of Planning and Pilotage charts will be available.

Quick Instructions and the Manual are installed within the program from the Help Menu.

Important notice to customers updating the software : Windows 8 users are recommended to use the above version 7.0.
When updating the software, first delete your existing version before updating.

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
To purchase and unlock please phone +44(0)118 988 5309 or Purchase on Line

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Passage Planner PLUS
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